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Unlimited replayability.

Stay entertained with our ever-changing, curated library: a mixture of classic household names, precious hidden gems, and exciting upcoming titles. Keep an eye on our social media as we announce our portfolio!


Our vision

In an industry plagued with cheap redesigns of old games, crunching, burnout, lack of innovation, and predatory microtransactions among other problems; we believe indie games are the breath of fresh air we all need.

Our mission at MagnaPlay is to put indie games into the hands of every gamer everywhere around the world.

Cavity Busters
The Infected
The Shore

How we support independent creators

Recurring Revenue Streams

Our revenue model distributes monthly payments to our partner independent studios. That means they don’t have to crunch to release content to boost sales and can instead focus on developing what they really want at their own pace.

Easy Crowdfunding

Don’t worry about commitments, asking players for money, or bureaucratic agreements. MagnaPlay’s crowdfunding feature easily allows users to allocate a portion of their subscription to studios they’d like to support.

Increased Marketability

Our subscription model allows users to explore different games without having to pay for individual titles every time. On top of that, we sponsor advertisements, social media posts, showcases, and streams of our portfolio games.

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