Our Story

MagnaPlay is the creation of a team of game-loving, college students from São Paulo, Brazil. As life-long gamers, we’ve always felt passionate about crafting our own gaming experience and seeing what sparks fly as we move between titles. However, we’ve often felt dissuaded from experimenting with new titles due to their high prices - only a small portion of which would end up supporting the developers themselves. In fact, we were tired of seeing studios with unique visions and the potential to innovate fail to reach wider audiences or - even worse - be forced to shut down.

Hard struck by this problem, our team felt the need to further understand the underlying issues plaguing the industry. Reaching out to game developers allowed us to identify key issues stifling the market’s creativity and slowing down its growth. Despite consistently being at the forefront of innovation, independent studios are restricted by predatory business practices perpetuated by the massive corporations that run the industry. We knew someone had to charge through these issues in order to empower developers who elevate the industry rather than the companies who suppress it.

MagnaPlay is our way of making gaming a truly accessible hobby while simultaneously rewarding the developers who push it forward. We developed our platform to expose these developers to an eager player base seeking new experiences they wouldn’t encounter before. Players can now expand their gaming horizons and venture everything that the industry has to offer while also supporting their favourite developers. We are determined to disrupt, innovate, and challenge the industry, thereby making it more accessible, fair, and equitable.

Sign up now to help us revolutionize the gaming industry and take indie developers to the next level. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would simply like to chat, feel free to reach out through our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We hope to share exciting news with you soon!