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Why MagnaPlay?

1. Meritocratic, distributional revenue model

Our revenue model meritocratically distributes our monthly subscription revenue between the studios behind our library’s games. Every month, your game is assigned a portion of our revenue, depending on how much players engage with it. That’s right: no fixed pay contracts, no undercutting deals, no terrible commitments. You make what your game earns you every month. Not to mention: we don’t demand exclusivity, so you can still earn revenue from other platforms as you grow on MagnaPlay.

2. Increased marketability, for free

MagnaPlay focuses on providing users with a library with two distinct characteristics: quality and diversity. Therefore, our users expect that every game in our library will be a fun, enjoyable experience. By being in our library you automatically receive the MagnaPlay stamp of approval from our player base. At the same time, since customers face no cost barrier to play different games, your game is more likely to be noticed, played, and enjoyed by players who normally wouldn’t be a part of your fan base. Consequently, your game’s player base grows since it now reaches consumers who would normally have been deterred by price barriers.

3. Recurring revenue streams

One of the key aspects of our revenue model is that it removes developer’s reliance on sales. Considering that we take factors such as playing time and user satisfaction into our equation, your game could have no sales in a given period and still earn you revenue. As long as you have an active player base, our model promises to reward your game. Therefore, great games with fixed player bases will earn consistent revenue without relying on DLCs, microtransactions, and unnecessary paid content.

4. No commission fees from in-game sales + unlimited revenue potential

We want to grow, but we want you to grow with us. We don’t take commissions from microtransactions or DLCs. Not only that, there is no limit as to how much your game can earn, as our model determines your cut without capping revenue at any point. Your earnings are proportional to our total user base - we grow, you grow with us.

5. Security and Digital Rights Management

We protect your game so you don’t have to. In our platform, developers can focus 100% in developing their game rather than creating complex systems to protect it. We got you covered. That’s our pitch. If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss our partnership.

... and there you have it!

Join MagnaPlay, become a part of the Indie Revolution, and our dream to transform the video game industry!