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Explore a curated library of indie games!

By paying a low monthly fee, you gain access to our hand-picked selection of Indie games. We want to give our players a taste of everything: from survival to horror, from roguelikes to metroidvanias, from new early access titles to cult classics. Our extensive library has everything an indie enthusiast could ask for. Coming later this year, MagnaPlay will take Indie Gaming to the next level.


Our vision

We believe the gaming market has some serious issues and underlying flaws which lead to predatory and unsustainable practices. Our goal is to help the gaming industry reach its full potential and maximize the creativity, innovation, and joy that the industry brings to the table.

A more equitable market

So far, gaming has been dominated by big businesses - from development to distribution. We want to give small, independent creators a chance to compete with the big guys for the spotlight.

A more accessible hobby

Gaming is amazing - but expensive. We believe that, by breaking some of the market's inefficiencies, gaming can become cheaper and more accessible for everyone.

The Indie Revolution

We believe Indie Creators are consistently at the forefront of innovation, be it with immersive gameplay, imaginative game mechanics, masterful soundtracks, or beautiful graphic design. There is at least one Indie game for every person out there - we want to make that connection and help Indie Gaming get the credit it truly deserves.

To learn more about our vision and our story, hit the button below!


How we support independent creators

Consistent Income

Our revenue model distributes monthly payments to our partner independent studios. That means they don’t have to crunch to release content to boost sales and can instead focus on developing what they really want at their own pace.

Revenue Potential

There is no limit as to how much a studio can earn on our platform. This means that studios with tight budgets can capture a portion of the revenue pool as soon as their game is released, providing them with the necessary funding to continue development and create new projects.

Increased Marketability

Our subscription-based model allows users to explore different games without having to pay for individual titles every time. Now exposed to a variety of studios previously left unexplored, MagnaPlay's users are finally able to dive into new experiences, introducing gamers to the indie marvels and growing the indie enthusiasts' player base.

This means studios can now develop the idealized version of their games instead of focusing on marketing them to mass audiences.

Fair Compensation

Our meritocratic distribution model prioritizes player engagement and satisfaction instead of individual downloads. We pay studios what their games earn - we charge no hidden fees, no exploitative deals, and certainly no unfair policies. It’s time for the most brilliant minds in the industry to be recognized for their work.

We are constantly growing our gaming portfolio. If you are a developer or publisher and you want to be a part of our platform, access the page below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your game, our platform, and our vision for the future of PC gaming.